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If you are not aware, Belema is my former assistant and was one of my very first students. She's incredibly modest and you probably won't hear her say this, but she more than doubled her account after taking the course.

The fact that she wanted to join our team says a lot about the experience she had as a student.

Awhile back someone named Spencer sent an email to support and asked Belema the following question: "You said you have taken the course correct? Honestly do you think his program worked for you?"

Here was her response:

"Hi Spencer

I think it was the best investment I made. I was among the very 1st students that Travis took on. I saw his website and thought it was so easy to understand. However, I was interested in spread betting and my husband was the one interested in trading options.

I sent Travis an email asking if he taught spread betting and if he could mentor me. He replied that he was an 'options guy' and didn't offer training in anything!

3 months later he sent an email saying he had received a few requests and if I was still interested, he was going to start a class soon. I was really pleased and was keen for my husband to join as I wasn't interested in options still.

After weeks of nagging (!) my husband he said, 'why don't you do it?' and I joined in anger at my husband, honestly, best decision ever - now my husband ask for my help with trading!

Now, I'm not going to make it sound easy, cos it wasn't, there is a bit of commitment to the program and I can say that you only get from the program what you put in.

But if you are willing to stick to the program and watch the videos more than once, do the homework, and ask questions, you will succeed.

Don't expect a miracle and millions in a couple of months, that is unrealistic. But the greatest benefit I feel is that you get to learn a life skill, something you can pass on to family and also be a blessing.

There have been a few who have said they haven't benefited, but when we check the logs we see they haven't been logging on to watch the videos or do any of the work Travis asks, or even ask questions.

If I had a choice of doing it again, I would do it again, but maybe earlier than when I did!"

Kind regards



So YES we will ask you to put in a little effort. And at times we will be a pain in your butt! BUT if you do all that is required of you, you will discover that we were a profitable pain in the butt (smile).

options trading success

Click HERE to listen to Belema's amazing options trading success story!

Disclaimer: These results are not typical. I think we're all intelligent adults and we know there's no such thing as typical. Everybody's going to have different results. If you take no action, you will get no results. If you take intelligent action, you will get intelligent results. I will however tell you that these types of returns are not unusual and I have several student emails to prove it.

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