Trader Travis's Options Performance
The 10-Minute Income Trader ™ Account

The model account below is a real time case study of my popular 5-Year Retirement Plan. Actually, it's not 'my' plan. A millionaire showed it to me years ago and Success Academy students watch me implement it in real time.

It's a simulation of the path my wife and I took to become financially independent.

Summary of how we did it: high savings, prudent investing, and getting out of debt is what allowed me to retire early.

Did I say high savings? Many have tried to create wealth without saving, ALL have failed. There is no wealth without savings.

Moving on...

I started this case study on 5/31/17. My goal is to start with a $10,000 account, grow it by 60% each year, and then in five years I should have a 6-figure investment account.

  • Roughly 80% of the account is devoted to Buy & Hold + Low risk Options (Family Freedom Fund).
  • The other 20% is devoted to growth/income strategies (actively trading options in a low risk way).

Example: $10,000 account: $8,000 is used to buy a broad based ETF. The other $2,000 is used to trade options. That conservative approach is a big reason why I'm still trading options after 20 years, while many other people have lost all of their money.

When it comes to options trading, there are more crashed and burned stories than rags to riches.

And it's largely because new traders don't follow of a proven wealth building blueprint. That's why each month I show Success Academy members my simple path to wealth and financial freedom.

Watch the video below for an update on my performance.

For over 15 years I've been sharing simple but powerful strategies that help investors make and keep more of their money.

If you'd like direction for your investments that will work today, tomorrow and fifteen years from now, check out the programs below...

The Success Academy is my highest end, most comprehensive, and most popular mentorship program.

You get my BEST advice, 4-step trading strategies for any market environment, group webinars, access to my personal trades, and a password protected member's area.

You get group coaching calls with me and my co-trainer. On these calls, and in the member's area, we do a deep dive into your unique personality to find a process that works specific to you (a $500/hr value).

You learn both "option buying" and "option selling"; Calls, Puts, Credit Spreads, Covered Calls, and Cash Secured Puts.

Plus, several thousand in bonuses just for giving it a try with a full money back guarantee. BUT I only accept new clients a few times a year and it's a one-time investment of $3,000 - $5,000.

If you learned all of those strategies from other courses it would cost upwards of $10,000, a few even go as high as $24,000.

And yes, I know those 5 strategies don't sound as sexy and exciting as some of the other stuff that's being promoted online.

It's not about sounding sexy. It's about following a consistent, reliable system that has beaten the market every year...while having less risk (for me at least).   

It took a lot of years to fine tune and perfect the process, but now my students are creating financial freedom with a system that takes roughly 10-minutes a day to implement.

Complicated trading systems make you a slave to your computers all day.

If you want to trade from the beach or your lakeside cabin then you need to follow a 10-minute system like the one I use.

The system I use is simple, takes very little brain power, and it can be done in less than 10 minutes a day.

BUT only after you have put in the hard work to learn this skill.

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