"The Option Profit Formula Options Trading Course was Created for People who Wanted More Family Time, More Income, and More Ways to Give Back..."

The industry average for options education is between $5,000 - $9,000, but I am committed to keeping all of my options trading courses well below that cost.

I offer two comprehensive training programs: The Option Profit Formula Success Academy and the 10-Minute Retirement Trader ™

I mainly cater to US based investors who are "beginners" or "those who have yet to be consistently profitable".

However, I have students from all over the world and they have helped me create a foreign student resource guide to share their experiences with investing in the US market.

In both courses, you will learn everything you need to learn about options trading basics and the strategies that we use to make money. I also teach how to create and manage wealth as well as how to have the mindset for success.

The course(s) are hosted online so there is nothing to ship. You review the training videos on your own time and whenever it is convenient for you.

And please note that I am NOT a "get rich quick guy". I mainly cater to a certain type of person. A person who isn't afraid of good old fashioned hard work!

  • The strategies I teach are for people who want to add to their income, without taking on a tremendous amount of risk, and without giving up their lifestyle...
  • The programs are designed for the person who wants to spend more time with their family versus sit in front of a computer all day...
  • You do not need any advanced degrees or special skill sets. It's a system designed for the average everyday working individual who is short on free time...
  • And I'm for people who are looking for profitable results not Wall Street credentials...
  • And lastly, my programs are "not" for people looking for a "polished professional environment", but people looking for a "down to earth, keep it real, and tell it like it is environment"...

Both programs are 'group coaching' and I only accept 127 students per year. As soon as that number is reached I close down registration!

Invitations are sent out to those on the private email list whenever there are openings. Just submit your email below to be notified of any openings.

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How Am I Different? How is This Options Trading Course Different?

Often I get emails which essentially ask, "Why should I learn from you? And how are you different than all the other gurus out there?"

First, I can't answer the question as to why "You" should learn from me and I'm not sure you should. I don't know you and I might not be a good fit for you.

All I can do is share what problems the training solves for people, and then walk you through the experience you will have if you enroll in this options trading course.

Then from there, you run that information through whatever filtering process you use to make decisions and then, and only then, will you be able to determine if you want to work with me.

And when you say "Yes Travis, I want to work with you", we create a partnership. You bring the desire and commitment and I bring the knowledge, experience, and blueprint.

You put in the work and I'll show you how to invest safely, confidently, and profitably.

With that being said here is a short summary of my values...

  • I believe that investing strategies should be simple, not complicated...
  • I believe in putting the power in your hands and empowering you to succeed on your own...
  • I believe that we should work so we can spend more time with our family, versus spending all of our time working...
  • And I also believe that sharing the secrets of the wealthy helps bridge the gap between the rich and the poor...

I have over $3,000 of FREE information spread throughout the web and I have more free training then paid for.

Why is that important? Because it demonstrates my priorities and value system. I wanted to add value to your life without you having to pay me a dime. Having more 'free training' then 'paid for training' forces me to be more "you" focused instead of "me" focused.

My main concern is finding out your "most pressing" financial problem and then finding a source of education that can help you accomplish your goals.

This options training program is not for everyone!

You really have to be a serious student. You have to have big goals, not small goals. This is not for lazy people looking for quick and easy push button solutions.

A few additional points to consider...

The 4-step trading strategy works regardless of the market.

  • You'll make winning trades when the market is up,
  • You'll make winning trades when the market is down,
  • You'll make winning trades when the market is completely flat.

The 4-step trading strategy requires no special skill or software.

  • It's completely do-it-yourself.
  • It's easy enough for a 12 year old to understand!

The simplest trading strategy takes just 15 minutes a day to implement - allowing you to spend more time with your family.

  • There's no need for you to sit in front of your computer all day making trades.

The 4-step trading strategy lets you earn an average of 2-5% return on investment a month.

  • Proof shown in training.

The majority of the students make money!

  • The training has an extremely high success rate in an industry that has a 90% "failure" rate (unlike other programs, I survey students to make sure they are succeeding).

The training is completely transparent.

  • We're always trading right alongside you.
  • We show you our winning trades and our embarrassing losing trades also!

The training is a complete standalone package.

  • There's no "bait & switch" ... where you discover you have to invest more money to get the "real" secrets!

The programs come with a 100% Risk Free "Gentleman’s Handshake" Guarantee.

  • You have a 30 day money back guarantee as well as a profit guarantee.
  • Follow the program 100%. If you have not recouped your tuition back within 6 months then I'll work with you personally until that happens.
  • You can't fail! The program was designed that way on purpose.

That's it! If you have any questions just use the contact form on this website. And don't forget to review a small sample of Option Profit Formula Success Stories.

Also, here is another list of both free and paid options trading courses.

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