Confessions of an Option Trading Mentor: the real reason why I teach options trading...

Why do option trading mentors share their secrets instead of making money for themselves?

Before you learn options trading from me I think you need to know where my heart is. So in this short training series I reveal the "real" reasons why I teach people how to trade stock options.

You are also able to see some of the success from one of my students (Sally) as well as over $17,000 in trading profits.

Online options trading has changed my life and allowed me to be financially free and I created my options course because I wanted to share this skill with others in hopes that they too can break free from the corporate grind. 

However, when I created my options course I knew I would get emails from those who thought I was just another product seller trying to get rich off them.

And the truth is I do have financial motives behind why I teach people how to trade stock options. The video on this page covers those reasons.

Also in that video, you learned that I made an 80 year old lady cry. Without knowing the context of "why" she was crying it sounds like I'm jerk, but that moment was one of the highlights of my life.

I then finish off this series teaching you about the "cycle of life" and how wealth is transferred from one person to the next.

And as a bonus you will hear about the "Option Profit Formula". That's the formula that allowed me to quit my corporate job and become a full time options trader.


Even if you don't choose me as your option trading mentor I still want you to learn this skill as online options trading is truly one of the fastest ways to build wealth.

You take care and I'll talk to you soon...

Trader Travis

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