Marketclub: hands down the best stock trading software around...

Marketclub is a third party software I use that tells me exactly when to buy and sell stocks and this Marketclub review will summarize my actual use of the service thus far.

It's a rules based system so it helps you manage the emotions of fear and greed.

I'd like to say that it's the best stock trading software around, but it's so much more than that.

Seriously, it's like an oasis of trading tools and education designed to help you become a better trader. Marketclub has even become a common term used around my house.

Not too long ago I had my stock charts up and I was reviewing the charts one-by-one and my wife walked in and said, "Wow, I haven't seen those in a while. That used to be what was always on your computer screen."

I explained that I don't have to review them each night anymore because I automated the whole process using Marketclub's platform.

Okay...enough of my ramblings, let me move on to the Marketclub review...

Marketclub: what's included with your membership?

With Market Club you can research and use their tools for stocks, futures, metals, forex, ETF’s and more. However, I'm an options trader so my use of the service is strictly limited to the stock side of things.

Please keep this in mind as you proceed through this Marketclub review because invariably I will leave out a ton of other things that the service offers.

Here are just a few of the tools you will have access to once you join Market Club:

Trade Alerts

You can set up trade alerts to be notified of net changes, new highs and lows, changes in trend score, breakouts, or when their "Trade Triangles" have been issued for one or all of the symbols in your portfolio.

Trade Triangle Technology

In the past, I would frown upon stock trading software because I felt that the people selling the systems were selling pipe dreams.

However, Market Club seems to have the best stock trading software I've seen thus far…this is based on the accuracy of their buy and sell signals.

I'll show you this later in the video portion of the review.

Talking Chart Technology

When you are reviewing your stock charts you can click on an icon and an audible voice will come on and tell you what is going on in the market.

I've only used this a few times. I tend to get annoyed with the voice. Don't get me wrong, it's a great feature, I just have issues (smile).

Smart Scan

I consider this the lazy way to trade, because it finds trades for you. This tool literally scans through all of the stocks in their database and identifies charting patterns that are primed for large moves. They have several parameters to choose from in order to find these stocks.

Here is what else you get…

Trade School: Online seminars from the world's top trading experts

Data Central: Unlimited downloads for over 230,000 symbols

Premium Stock Charts

• Portfolio Analysis

• Diversified Research in stocks, futures, metals, forex, ETF’s and more

The services that they provide are all web-based so there is absolutely no software to download on your computer. I happen to like this because I don't have to drag around my laptop everywhere I go.

The rest of the Marketclub review will be based on how I've used the service in my daily trading.

How I Use the Marketclub Service...

Each trader has his/her own needs and my needs as an options trader are very different than the needs of a stock trader. Market Club has helped me with my trading, but they are a little weak on the options trading side of the things (see addendum below).

I'll give you an overview of how I've used the service thus far and I will follow up with a video showing you some of the trade signals produced by the Market Club software.

  • Since Market Club is not set up for option traders, I've used their stock buy and sell signals to assist me with getting in and out of option trades. (see the addendum below)

Once you join you will have access to over 230,000 securities to trade.

  1. I upload my stocks into the Market Club portfolio.
  2. I then go to the alerts section of the site and set up custom alerts that will e-mail me once a stock has produced either a buy or sell signal.
  3. If I get a buy or sell signal, I log in and look at the stock chart. If the stock has a strong trend score, and I like what I see, I'll then look up the option chain for that particular stock.
  4. If all goes well, the next day I will enter the trade and again set up alerts to let me know if the stock starts trending against me.
  5. In addition, each night my entire portfolio is analyzed by Market Club's software and I receive an e-mail letting me know how all of my stocks are doing trend wise.

If I see anything promising, I'll put it on my stock watchlist for the week.

I'm still getting used to trading with the assistance of a computer. It still feels weird and it's taking me awhile to fully trust a system like this.

However, I can clearly see that the trading signals work, it's just that I've been trading the old fashioned way for so long it is hard to make the mental shift.

What helped my confidence is that the buy and sell signals are never removed from the charts so you can go back in the past to see how well they worked.

Whenever I can squeeze in some free time, I usually try to enroll in one of the 35 audio seminars they have available on the site. You even get a PDF workbook to go along with each class.

One of the readers of this site has enjoyed the service so much he sent me this testimonial:

"Hi Travis,

Hope you are recovering well from your surgery. I'm really enjoying and Marketclub and continuing to learn heaps from your website..." Thanks, Andy P.

Andy didn't have the luxury of reading this Marketclub review. He took a leap of faith and now he is reaping the rewards.

I know it's a good service, but sometimes it helps to hear it from other people. With that being said here is a quick Marketclub review via video.

Please note: this is an older video, but the information is still valid

Here is the link to verify the software yourself.

Before you go…

This review would not be complete without a list of likes and dislikes.

Here are a few of my likes and dislikes summed up:


  • They don't really cater to option traders so you have to be creative in how you use the service (see the addendum below)
  • I wish there was a quicker way to scroll through my stocks in my portfolio. It takes too long to go from one stock to another.
  • There is no quick start guide. When you first join you are looking at an enormous amount of information and you don't quite know what to do with it.


  • They have several new member videos to get you up and running with the service.
  • The enormous amount of trading information available on the site.
  • Their buy and sell signals are accurate enough to make a profit.
  • They are constantly looking to add new tools and they provide weekly market analysis videos.
  • Customer support are very easy to get a hold of and were very pleasant when I talked to them over the phone.

After performing the Marketclub review I decided to give Marketclub a rating of 8/10 and highly recommend it to others. This says a lot about the service because I'm very slow to trust people marketing trading tools.

I've been burned/scammed so many times in the past, I'm always a little slower to warm up to people.

Adam Hewison also has my respect because of the promises they make and keep to you.

I enjoy using the tools and they work for me, but that does not mean it will work for you. The only way to find out is to try the service out for yourself.

Use Market Club's Trade Triangles and other online tools for a full month and see the difference it can make in your own trading!

To take it for a test drive, visit the link below.

Don't be left out, Join Market Club Today!

Here's to your future success, Trader Travis

P.S. Readers of my site get a complimentary Market Club quick start guide. I created it to help myself navigate quickly around the site and then I realized that others could benefit from the knowledge.

You can get that guide right HERE.

Addendum 1: Market Club now has tools for option traders. I helped them create the Market Club options course and they also have a custom scan to find stocks that are specifically for option traders.

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Disclaimer: Someone asked if I get paid to promote MarketClub. No, I don’t get paid to “promote” MarketClub. It's a great service, I use it, gladly recommend it for free, and none of my friends have ever complained about me helping them make money :)

MarketClub however does pay me a small referral fee, but ONLY when friends join through one of my links. It’s similar to how the bank pays you a few dollars if one of your friends opens up a new account.

So you can sign up directly or through my referral link above, your choice. If you have any issues with people being compensated for adding value to your life, then sign up directly.