The Family Freedom Fund Strategy

Build wealth and earn consistent monthly income...

"With the Family Freedom Fund I participate in the best of the stock market while avoiding the worst...and it only takes roughly 10 minutes a year to implement." –Success Academy Member

"I bought your course...and I've been selling Covered Calls and Cash Secured Puts. I make my trades and don't stress over assignment or [the] stock being exercised. I will surpass 100k in profit within the next month or two (not bad for a stress free trading style). Thanks for all your help Travis!" -Diane L.


Again, the Family Freedom Fund (FFF) is one of the premier 10-minute strategies taught inside of the Success Academy. It's a long term investing strategy with a side benefit of monthly income (growth + income).

Essentially, the training will show you two approaches to earning at least 15% a year in your investment account (no use of third party software is required).

It's a strategy I've used extensively for years personally so there is no question about how well it works. Full proof is shown in the training.

The Success Academy is about results and not theory. It’s about doing actual trades and seeing good, consistent returns from your money.

Before I cover the FFF outline I'm compelled to say this…

If you don't currently earn at least 15% on your money each year regardless of whether the stock market goes up or down, you need this program.

What's included in the Family Freedom Fund module...

The core training is pre-recorded so you can move at your own pace.  

Module 1: Creating a Cash Money Machine through the ETF for Life Strategy

How to earn monthly income and get paid to buy stocks you want to own, at the prices you'd like to own them at.

This strategy even works with small trading accounts. Discover the simple path we follow to turn $2,000 into a million dollars.

Topics covered:

[+] Strategy overview: earning $10K a month

[+]The Financial Freedom Formula

[+] Set it and Forget it: the "guaranteed cash each month" strategy

[+] Strategies in Action: real life trading examples

[+] Final Takeaway: How to collect guaranteed income for life

Module 2 (Supplemental Training): Secrets of a Billionaire Investor

You may think that making more money is all you need to build wealth. It's not! This training shows you why losing money is what's really holding you back.

Discover a simple tweak to the buy and hold investment strategy that nearly doubles your return without adding any additional risk. You can use this in any type of investment account.

The ETF for life strategy is a very simple strategy. It works, it's effective, and one student has already made over $100K with it, but it's so consistent you can actually get bored using it.

That's why I have added an additional bonus module that can jump start your wealth accumulation with a unique growth strategy, which is especially useful for those who are 55-65 years old and didn't save enough for retirement...


I don't want to make this too long so I will leave you with this…

My millionaire mentor used to say…"results don't lie." Either you are rich or not.

If you aren't currently earning at least 15% a year in both up and down markets, then let's work together to get you there. Don't let any "head trash" get in the way, just trust your gut.

If you're not successful at investing then don't make any excuses or rationalizations. It's really simple, either you are successful or you're not. If you're not, then I am offering my help and assistance.

See you inside the member's area, Travis


P.S. Review the course risk free for 30 days. If after those 30 days you are not absolutely thrilled with the course then just send an email to the support desk and we will return every penny of your investment. No hassle, no hard feelings.

P.P.S. If you have enrolled in courses in the past and didn't put in your best effort then it's time to re-commit and give this your best effort. Never let life get in the way of your chance to build massive wealth.

When you enroll you get a year of unlimited support so please take advantage of the support that is being offered. Please don't squander the opportunity to have a successful investor mentor you to success.


Here is what graduates had to say about their experience…

"Yesterday my options from the practical application expired worthless. I bought puts at the money for QQQ, DIA, AMZN, and DIS. My paper account is now $1,782.00 richer. I am still working my way through the lessons, but am really starting to see the possibilities."

Mike A.

"My paper account is now up 38% in just two weeks! I also implemented the "'set it and forget it application'" I'm amazed how easy to implement this of today I'm also profitable with the trades using this strategy."

Gina R.

"…I automatically received a $480.92 credit. That's cool! Just like that, huh? Some people have to get a second job just to make an extra $500 per month. This is soooo much easier. More time for me to spend it the way I want.

I've already completed the first section of the course, but I am going back over it again and again and again and again to make sure I got it down packed!"

Coretta W.

"This is my second round of selling secured puts. This time around my income for a couple of click and waiting was $2,658.85!!!!...I can not wait to deploy these skills and set myself up for financial freedom! In the mean time honing my skills with paper."

Jonathan V.