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Finally, a Simple Solution to Trade With Ease...

Marketclub helps you trade with ease and by following their entry and exit signals you can learn how to silence your emotions (fear and greed).

If you fill out the form below you will receive a special report where I outlined a group of trades that produced $27,770 in profit (this includes the losing trades).

If you sign up to receive the special report above you'll also have a chance to receive a brief overview as to how I use their trading service.

I took a moment to show my options coaching students the strategy I had been testing out and a few of them absolutely loved it.

One of my students followed this Marketclub strategy and she paid for the cost of coaching on one trade alone...

"Once again, your lessons have been invaluable. I have made my money back for the class and then some on one trade. I'm tickled that I finally learned a way to earn." Thanks, Michelle

If I wasn't a user of the service myself I would find emails like this hard to believe.

I'm still amazed at how accurate their trade entry and exit signals are. To my surprise, the majority of the trades I have found using the service have been profitable.

Marketclub Review

Note: this is a snippet of my more complete Marketclub review.

Market Club is a trading service owned and operated by is essentially an online resource for trading tools and education. and Marketclub specialize in the stock, futures, and options market.

They also have a large variety of trading tools, charts, publications, educational courses and other resources.

What I've mainly been using is their stock charting software and scanning tools to help me evaluate the trends of stocks and pin point stocks that are poised to make a big move, up or down.

It's a web based service, so there is no software to install. My favorite tool, or feature, of the service is their trade triangle technology.

First, I use their trend analysis tool to evaluate the strength of the stocks trend and then their trade triangles tell me when to get in and out of trades.

In Bull markets...

  • A green arrow tells you when it's time to get into a trade...
  • And a red arrow tells you when it's time to get out...

That's it, end of story!

Seems too simple doesn't it? It actually is that simple, but I'll take some time to walk you through the finer details after you've had a chance to review the special report above.

The reason I say Market club is one of my trading secrets is because for about a year I never shared that this is how I had been finding my trades.

I wanted to test out their trade signals for a long time before I starting sharing it with my friends.

They offer more than just software to help you find trades. If you like you can also review my page about their free trading yideos as well as their Ino Tv service.

I remember how frustrating it was to be a new trader. As a new trader you can't really decipher the good learning material from the bad. It's hard to figure out what information you can trust.

You also don't know which $5,000 seminar or trading tool will be worth your time and which one will be a total rip-off.

So with this site I'm passing along what I know as well as the resources I currently use to help me make money.

Marketclub and have been more than generous with the information they provide and unlike some of the other empty promises you'll find online...

Their information will actually help you to become a better trader.

To Your Success,

Trader Travis

P.S. You may also like the Market Club Review we did where I outlined a few trades that made roughly $11,000 in only 2 days.

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