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The retirement blueprint that allowed
a minority, growing up poor
in a house with no bathroom
and no running water,
to retire in style at the age of 34!
(p.s. Our household toilet was a 5-gallon paint bucket.)

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[+] A secret source for finding the top trending stocks in the market.

[+] The formula that allows you to earn more income, have more family time, and give back to society.

[+] The best techniques for controlling your fear and greed when trading.

[+] The retirement blueprint that allows you to retire in only 5 years.

[+] The "10-10-10 Trading Strategy". Ten minutes to place the trade, ten minutes to manage the trade, and ten minutes to close out the trade.

[+] The work pay ratio; how to work once, but get paid the rest of your life.

[+] How to become financially free without a million dollar account.

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How I Discovered This Formula...

My students are not attracted to the "American Dream" that's been pedaled by society - it's not our American Dream. Working 9-5, living for weekends and two week vacations until we are lucky enough to reach 65 and retire does not sound like living, it sounds like existing.

The Option Profit Formula will show you how to get off that "40-year slave, save, retire plan".

I still remember where I was when the Option Profit Formula was first revealed to me. It was the summer of 2002 and it was a hot humid day in Richmond Virginia. At the time I was a down and out real estate investor and I had moved in with my brother (I was going broke).

I was at the house listening to a conference call with my millionaire mentors. They were sharing several retirement blueprints that didn't require a million dollars.

The moment they outlined the plans to me I recall jumping up and down and screaming. I knew I had finally discovered the secret to my freedom (my brother thought I had lost my mind).

Something ignited in my spirit and I was on fire. I no longer had to stress about not having a million dollars and I now had a plan that was more achievable and it would only take me 5 years to complete (so I thought).


Realistically it took me a little longer as I was an idiot and made several financial mistakes early one. I got too greedy once I saw the power of options trading. But back to the story...


After 10 years of testing out their ideas to prove their validity I finally reached financial liberation. Now I am humbled and blessed to be able to share my approach with people like you.

In the Option Profit Formula Success Academy I teach students the strategies and approach that allowed me to become financially independent in my 30's.

Then in early 2012 I decided to take it a step further and not only teach them, but show them. I started allowing students to peek over my shoulder as I walked them through what my mentor called: The 5 Year Retirement Plan.

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