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Regards, Travis

P.S. People often ask, "Why offer coaching when you could sit back and make millions by trading?"

The video below is one of the reasons why...

Watching Kathleen cry did something to me. Her pain was imprinted on my brain and I'll never forget it.

I could be like one of the guys in the video who essentially said, "If they lost money it's their fault."

Yup, I could be selfish and live out my life in my McMansion, keeping all these secrets to myself...

...OR I could have compassion.

I chose the latter.

Every time I watch the video below I get pissed off and resolve to keep doing what I do!!! That's why I have the following mission…

My Mission: most people lose 40% to 60% of their retirement accounts during market crashes. However, my millionaire mentors showed me how to triple my 401k during the market crash of 2007-2009. My mission is to help you earn 15% per year (or more) whether the market is up or crashes in the coming year.

Your retirement dreams will disappear in the next market crash unless you prepare yourself now.