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A brief Market Club review of how accurate their trading software is.

There is no guarantee you will be able to make the $11,000 we did, but watch the video and imagine what "could be possible for you" if you learned how to trade stock options...

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What you saw in the video is the type of option trading success I want for you! Success is within your reach and I pray that you take the time to learn how to trade stock options.

A partial video transcription of the market club video is below...

Hey, this is Trader Travis, and I am recording this because I wanted to visually show you why it is better to be an option trader during down markets than it is in up markets.

Most of you are aware of the bear market we had from 2007 to 2009. No one needs to be reminded of that as it was pretty horrific for people. But what I want to show you is why trading options in a down market is better.

The last time the Dow closed at 6600 was about December 1996 and October 2007 was the top of our last bull market. So from 1996 to 2007 (roughly 11 years) the stock market rose up.

All that gain was wiped out during the bear market. 11 years of gain was wiped out in two short years.

**Watch the market club review video above to see the stock chart.**

Eleven years of investing; eleven years of hard work; eleven years of people scraping together whatever money they could to invest in the stock market.

Why? Because that's what people tell us we should do.

And in two years, they watched all that go "bye-bye." All their hopes and dreams of retiring soon. I mean, it's sad. I'm not insensitive to it. I understand how sad that is and how hard that is.

However, I'm held responsible about what I know and I know how to take advantage of these downward drops because I'm an options trader.

This is also why I encourage other people to enroll in a stock option training program of their own choosing so they can learn how to make money when stocks fall in price.

If you don't invest in your education or learn how to do it, you have to sit there, take it, and be a victim. I grew up a victim. I hate being a victim.

Fear is a very powerful emotion. When stocks fall, they fall faster than how they rise. So you make your money quicker, and often you can make a year's investment return in a matter of months, and in some cases, in a day.

So if you learn how to buy stock options in down markets you will be able to take advantage of these moves.

Watch the market club review video above to see the profit we made on our put option trades. It was roughly $11,000 in only 2 days.

Final Thoughts...

The reason I like Market Club is because they make trading simple. And that is why I fully support their efforts in educating you. They are not just a service that says, "red light, green light, buy and sell when we tell you to."

No, they put a ton of education out to show you how to be better investors overall, and that's why I appreciate them. They want you to think on your own, and they guide you through this mess of a stock market we're in.

Just follow this option trading formula...

I teach a four step system in our option trading course and it essentially boils down to this:

  • You have to have the patience to wait until the market and the stock have strong trends, and the market we define as the Dow, Nasdaq, and the S&P. Then we wait for the stock to have a strong trend, usually in the hundreds.
  • After that, we trade in the direction of the trend.

And any trades I show can be verified. That's what I like about Marketclub. Trade triangles stay on the charts, and you can log in and verify it. There's nothing to hide.

The Marketclub software is the real deal.

I just wanted to record the video above to help build your confidence. I get a lot of people who don't have the confidence to tackle the stock market or invest at all.

Once you become an options trader you will have no worries at all about the economy or what the stock market is doing.

We don't care because we're going to make money when stocks go up, and we're really going to make money when stocks go down.

Okay, I've got to run, but I highly encourage you to check out Marketclub, and please don't be an idiot like I was.

When I first heard about Market club, I was super skeptical of it. It just seemed too good to be true. So I took about a year to join. When I look back, that one decision alone will go down as one of the worst trading decisions I've ever made.

And don't forget to fill out the form below to gain access to the Market Club Secrets special report.

Note from Trader Travis: The type of success in the video is not typical and I'm supposed to tell you what typical is. Well I'm sorry to say that I have no idea what typical is because each trader is different. And with anything in life there are always people who purchase products and do nothing with them. I will however tell you that these types of returns are not unusual and I have several student emails to prove it.

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