I've Also Been Scammed

by Trader Travis

How do you know which options trading course is a scam and which one isn't? Trading scams are out there, but there is no need to be afraid of being scammed.

I've been burned several times and in the video below I share a few tips to help you as you search for reliable options trading education.

I know people are skeptical and have been burned like me so to address that issue I add additional bonus weeks to the Option Profit Formula mentorship and coaching program called: Trade School.

Trade School is where we spend several weeks together looking for trades and using the templates you will learn. I "teach what I do" and I "do what I teach". I have NO problem standing behind it!

So I hope the video has added some value to your life and if you think someone else can benefit from it then pass it along via twitter or facebook.

And before you leave don't forget to leave your comments below to share what you have learned from being scammed.

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Brand New To Trading...
by: Sonia

Hello Travis;

You have really influenced my trust in you for your honesty of just being a regular person like us all going through all the burning of just trying to learn and grow for a better financial tomorrow.

I just went to a seminar without the intention of signing up on flipping homes. My friend who invited me was very interested. I was there to support her.... Well, I signed up hook and sinker. They also offered an interactive trader workshop as well. I was amazed with their teaching of being able to invest what you can afford and turn the money into double or triple what you invested, winning three to four times more than your investment within a month. I also signed up... (I will be asking for a refund for both of the courses because they are going to try and upsell me to spend 10k for the trading workshop and $30k for the flipping workshop. I don't have that kind of money and it maxed my credit card.)

I am a newly divorced single mother of two young adult boys, and a daughter all in the beginning of learning about life and its challenges. My dream is to retire at age 55 in less than two years from the state. I will be short 60% of my gross. I am trying to find a way to more than replace that shortage for a better financial life. I want to be able to help my young adults to learn to do the same. Problem being, I had signed up for multiple MLM businesses with only making very little money, and very hard to get out of the 'friends & family' list to grow my business to others, especially those that were/are looking for what I have. So, my boys will have to see the advancement in me in order for them to want to learn.

With very little money right now, state is removing $600 from my check because of a disability payback from an accident I was on, as well as the support stopping because of the boys becoming adult age... the only money I had was in the credit card. Now, I have to wait for the money to be refunded back into my accounts.

I would like to ask you, is it possible to work options to make an extra $2000 more a month within 3-4 weeks? I know that I need a teachable mindset. I am desperate, but know that can work against me. Right now, I'm at the point to where I'm not covering all the expenses for the month and to be able to put food on the table for us. I was thinking about holding back and not paying a few bills and using that money to invest, then if it is so; to pay those bills back and invest what was profited above that. Is it doable?

I am unable to afford joining until I am able to clear a minimum of $2000 a month which will help ease the stress of meeting the end of the month.

I will continue to watch your videos as well as others to try and learn and grow the basics to bring some money in. I appreciate any input you may want to offer. Continue with your honesty and integrity, knowledge, and educational teachings. I see others have grown from it and I can too.


why teach if u can make a living doing
by: allan

the qyestion comes down to this if the system works why do u need to teach when u can just make a living doing the system

Hey Allan thanks for the comment. I really don't "need" to teach, I "choose" to teach and having wealth gives you more choices which is why we enjoy teaching others how to build wealth.

Like us, our students can go from "needing" to work, to "choosing" to work.

We do trade for a living and it's soooo much fun bringing people along on this wealth building journey. We record our trades and students get to see us trade our account in real time. 6 months in to the year and we're up 20% so far, not the best, but it's good enough for us.

I suppose if we were selfish we'd keep all the information to ourselves, but I believe that all good things are meant to be shared!!!

When I'm on my death bed I won't look at my bank account statement to see how much I amassed, but I will reflect on who I was as a person and how much value I added to the world. I will reflect on how many lives I positively changed and THAT is why we choose to teach.

Selah, Travis

Cheated out of entire life savings.

Travis, Real Estate you have that right, We bought 6 Apartments in Spain paid in full, furnished, etc went to Notary to sign for ownership and found they were all mortgaged to the hilt to developer, who had since taken his loot and sailed off into the sunset. 12 years court case taught us about corruption in Banks and Legal System and Lawyers, wow! The police were sent down to evict tenants at gun point!!!
We walked away knowing that no amount of money was worth the stress and lifestyle we had been enduring and emigrated to New Zealand. Now in mid 70's (young 50's mentally) and have been on the internet this past few months learning to read between the lines at the scammers, didn't find you there so you must be the good guy I am looking for. We need to protect our capital but earn a little to top us up so get rich schemes, promising ex amount per month, insane capital growth you know the hype are not for us. So Travis bring it on we are listening. Your video was excellent. Wise move N.Z. up to 11000+ earthquakes since September 1010 now that is stress of DIFFERENT kind.

by: Anonymous

Hi Travis,

Thanks for the video message.

I've be involved in many courses and businesses opportunities in the past and I don't remember ever being scammed....because I always learned something of great value from everyone of those experiences.

I was taught by one of my mentors, to always take full responsibility for everything that happens in my life...this allows me to maintain power in, and control of, my life.

There's an old saying...in order to get screwed...you have to get in position.

I believe that we are all responsible for our lives, our feelings and for every result we get in life.....

Although I'm experiencing trying times in my life right now...I'm committed to positive resolve and
success.....that's why I've made a decision to try and find anyway humanly possible to take this course...I believe strongly that this may be a timely solution and tool,to assist me in my new life and turning things back around financially.

All The Best 2 You Travis...and good luck to everybody who makes an effort to try and do something positive for themselves through your course.

God Bless,
Abbi S.

by: Tony

Hi Travis.

Very good video. It really make us feel more confident about your services.

I would like to ask you if you recommend "thinkorswim" software for options trading or if "OptionsXpress" would be a better platform?

Thanks in advance.

My Reply: Can you please send us an email through the contact form on the website.

taken for a ride
by: Anonymous

I was scammed about 10 years ago, during the first breakout of gold. The person who did it really talked a great story,and I ate it up. It finally dawned on me what was happening but by then he had flown the coop.

Been scammed
by: Brian

I do not know of anyone who has tried to improve their place in life who have not had some one take advantage of them. Now a days with the computers it has become so much easier to be vulnerable if you let yourself be lead into the situation. At the same time the computer is allowing us access to more info then we every had before.

For myself I always try to be careful, I never feel the need to join right away before I miss a Chance (often to get screwed). With Travis I find him to be forth right in his opinion. If you look at what was offered up front, listened to the presentation, and above all connect with your gut instinct(intuition)

Do your due diligence check and compare to others in the same field. Even sit and meditate or pray on the idea. If you feel this is not for you then that is fine. You simply move on in life, but do not give up your desire to become something more in life, to be independent. Travis is simple trying to help people ready to make changes in their lives with a method he believes in. No pressure is applied to join. In my opinion I believe he does wish the best for people. Be at peace and look for truth.

great video!
by: Chris M

Hey Travis!

Great video and great advice on a personal note as well! Yep I think I can relate to some of that - maybe too much of it! I took your advice and got into Market Club - Excellent service!! I do feel that what you say is trustworthy, no doubts whatsoever. Great work and thank you for all your info! I look forward to more. God Bless :)

Thanks Chris....Trader Travis

Never Give Up.
by: Todd

This comment is for the Aussie living in NC. First off welcome to North America! I think its great that your not giving up trading because of a bad experience. Never give up!! First cause if you do. Your doomed to depend on some one else for a pay cheque.Who wants that? You couldnt ask for a better teacher than trader Travis. After reading his web based course a few times I learned lots and I apply it to Commodities trading.

So again welcome and I wish you success!


till you get there
by: Anonymous

I am an Australian & have been living in Asheville NC since late March 2011 learning a Forex trading system. I was here in October last year...same system. Total cost including airfares is around $10,000. It's a very good method with great indicators but it's finished. Two weeks ago the company sacked my teacher and closed the software which carried his indicators. I am making a claim for reimbursement but wonder if I will ever see even a tiny bit of the 10K ...probably the last 0. So possibly 18 months' study and the money down the drain.
I and all the other students are furious but if I had not come to America I would not have met some great people, particularly one who has known Travis for many years and recommended me to his course. Even this early in the course I feel Travis is a mentor with ability, integrity and a system that I'm certain will work. So every scam has a silver lining.

You "Get it"
by: Trader Travis

Todd and Scott...you both "get it".

Seriously those are the words of people who will (if not already) be successful.

It took me years to understand what you both put in your comments, but it has made the world of difference.

Hopefully I will see you in class, because I'd love to have someone with that mindset in class.


Been Scammed
by: Scott


Great video as always you have lots of great perspectives to share. To the person whose testimonial you read out in the video I would have this comment. I would say that if they are searching high and low for that "one" thing and relying on others to "show" them the way to make them successful then stop, it doesn't exist. The person sounds like they are looking for handholding and is what I call a "tryer". They try this and they try that but they encounter a failure or two and they are off to the next thing. One person or one thing is not going to make a person successful because it has to come from inside. I'd say the key to success in trading or anything is being able to take all the tools, techniques and information that you collect along the way and then use all that know and understand to help support your own decision making process. Because at the core of this is a decision, trade or no trade, stay in or get out. Some people can successfuly follow a recipe and get great results and some people no matter what you show them still mess things up or cannot pull the trigger when the time comes. You can provide people with the tools and plans to build a house but the talent to actually use what you know comes from within each person and the single biggest factor in determining success or failure is the understanding of your own psychology and how you react to certain situations and environments. At the end of the day I believe we all have a trading idiot inside of us making us doubt ourselves and make bad decisions. It's having faith in yourself and being able to control the idiot and believe in our ability to overcome failures and setbacks no matter what are what is going to determine whether one is successfull in trading not any single system. After all there are many effective systems, more come out all the time and yet the majority of people lose money, why is that?

I was scammed once
by: Todd Shore

Hi Travis

Great video as always! I to was scammed once all I can say to that is so what! The important thing is you learn from the experience and move on with life! I have made mistakes trading but do I stop trading? lol.. no of course not. I believe you offer a great service Travis! I havant takin your course yet but soon i will! Thanks for all your videos and your teachings.


by: Trader Travis

Thanks for the comments. I try and thanks for allowing me to tithe my knowledge into your life.

Now I'm just waiting for people to post what they learned, because I hope they learned something b/c I've carried that skepticism poison around for years and it ruined my life.

I forgot to mention that I am currently being scammed. I bought something and the guy has yet to deliver. BUT...

I forgive him and I am moving on because life is too short and it's more productive to spend my energy creating the ultimate dream lifestyle...

I've been there
by: G.Tim Hammer

Skeptic, not really for some reason inside I feel you can and will help me reach OUR goal to have some fun earn some money, while opening up the world of options, which for me IS a big deal.
When my broker SCOTTRADE approved me for options trading ( yesterday ) they said good luck, I told Tony, luck is throwing a dart and hoping for a bulls eye, I told Tony that if I thought I was dealing with luck I wouldn't attempt option trading ! So now my friend lets start down the path !

by: Leslie

I'm at the stage where I've read through all the Modules and, like you recommended, I'm going to go back through them all. I really appreciated your video about being scammed and more than that your website itself since it's just great for me. Your website makes more sense than anywhere else I've seen. And I think that the information you're providing will stick with me compared to everywhere else I've looked. My next goal is to learn enough to paper trade and see how it goes.
Thanks, Trader Travis!

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